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Soap Matters

We loved supporting the festival, on site, in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, over the last few years. Our ethos is for natural products, that are great for the skin but come in minimal but attractive packaging which can be recycled or re-used. Vegan friendly with no plastic! Nature has it all; products don't need long lists of confusing ingredients.

Made by Christine, a practising Aromatherapist, we make natural soap (six varieties), blended aromatherapy Oils (Hand, Body and Foot), artisan stoneware soap dishes (made by an artist in Motherwell), Aromasticks (Sleep
Well, Inner Calm, Calm Focus and The Headache Stick - great to assist with your mental health) as well as lovely Gift Boxes (starting at £15). Our Hand and Foot Oil have just reached the finals of the Free from Skincare Awards
2021 #FFSCA21 and we hear next week whether we have achieved an award.

We have recently been researching vegetable oils as we formulate our new
Face Oil range. It's fascinating to find out the properties and benefits of
the likes of Red Raspberry, Pumpkin and Watermelon vegetable oils have on
our skin.

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