Belford Arts Festival is BACK in real life!! ...and we are all very excited!!
9th-10th July 2022 

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Belford Pathetic Band Parade (credit Belford Museum).jpg

This year we want to go back to our roots and invoke the spirit of Belford Carnival to support the local area in its return to something hopefully even better than ‘normal’.

This will see stronger partnerships developing between the festival and the Primary School, Belford Museum, Bell View, Belford Show and other groups. Lots of plans are bubbling away in the background for 2023. And this year we know our programme will be working with Belford Players, the Community Cinema, and over 100 local artists, makers, musicians and dancers.

Please browse the Artist and Performer pages to find out more...and view our gallery to see prior festivals

Images: Pathetic Band Parade (L) Belford Carnival (R) both c/o Belford Museum


Getting HERE

Belford can be found just off the A1

15 minutes between Berwick up North, and Alnwick to the south.

It is 15 minutes inland from Bamburgh and the Coast and 15 minutes east of Wooler and the Cheviots. 

Ideally placed for a right good festival for Northumbrians, Border Folk, the Toonies and Tourists.


Our festival takes place in venues and locations across the whole village - no joke - from one end to the other end!

It's a village takeover if you will!

SO we recommend parking and walking where ever possible.

Parking is available at each entrance to the village. The largest carpark is at Belford Golf Club (South end) and on street parking is available at Belford Primary School (West side) and North Bank (North end obviously!)

Look out for the festival logo on parking signs.


As our festival takes place in venues and locations across the village we recommend that anyone with limited mobility drive between venues as on street parking should be available nearby (if other folks use the car parks!)

All of our venues are wheelchair friendly this year although some will require support to navigate small lips, and in one case a secret door to access the Blue Bell Ballroom.


Please ask for support if you need it.

Accessible toilets can be found at Bell View, Sunnyhills and the Blue Bell.


To help you navigate all that the festival has to offer: its artists, makers, performances, activities, locations, pubs and eateries you can purchase

a festival programme for £2.

This brochure will be on sale at Welcome Points located in the Market Place and Golf Club Car park.

(or pre-sale from Belford Newsagents)


The brochure includes a welcome note, articles about our projects, a map, artist index, evaluation form and timetable.

All proceeds are considered donations and go towards next year's festival. Any support is hugely appreciated!

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